If I Could

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Peter asked to step out on water to walk to Jesus. Surprisingly, Jesus said, “Come.” Matthew 14:28-29, “And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water. And he said, Come.” Unfortunately when Peter looked away he began to sink. Verse 30, “But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.” Have you ever wanted to be Peter long enough to walk on water. I thought, If only I could.


If I could reach where Christ now stands
I’d touch His robe of royal strands

If I could go where Angels sing
I’d play for Him upon ten strings

If I could hear the voice that stilled
I’d cry aloud for a dream fulfilled

If I could bow before His throne
I’d voice my love to Him alone

If I could walk atop the sea
I’d keep my eye on only Thee

If I could see Him face to face
I’d know the end of this long race

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