Hear Dr. Roy Thompson

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Hear Pastor Roy Thompson at Southwest Baptist in Brunswick, OH on April 18, 2010. Also read “What the Bible Says is So” by Pastor Roy Thompson.

Roy Thompson (1933-Monday, June 14, 2010), founder and pastor of the Cleveland Baptist Church for 37 years (1958-1995). Pastor Tom A. Faulk and his wife Laura were saved under the preaching of Pastor Thompson on March 19, 1978.


Pastor Thompson graduated first in his class at Baptist Bible College in  Springfield, Missouri. Led of God to start a church in Cleveland he moved to Cleveland, Ohio with his family in 1958. Pastor Thompson worked for a trucking company and knocked on doors to share Christ and to promote the start of a new church. At about the 400th door he met Pastor Kevin Folger’s grandfather who agreed to host the church in his living room on Memphis Ave.

The first service drew about a dozen people. The church continued to grow and moved into the Memphis Theater building which they soon outgrew as well. The church broke ground in 1960 on Tiedeman Road in Brooklyn, OH which is now the home of the Cleveland Baptist Church, Heritage Christian School, and the Heritage Bible Institute.

Pastor Thompson preached in more than 20 countries on five continents. He met President Reagan, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, and other leaders. He received many honorary degrees. He stepped down as pastor at 62 years of age and spent most of his remaining years building orphanages in the Philippines and numerous projects in Haiti. He preached his last sermon on June 9, 2010.

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