Made of the Right Stuff


A little brown cork
Fell in the path of a whale
Who lashed it down
With his angry tail
But in spite of its blows
It quickly arose
And floated serenely
Before his nose
Said the cork to the whale
You may flap and sputter and frown
But you never, never, can keep me down
For I’m made of the stuff
That is buoyant enough
To float instead of drown
– Pameii

As believers we must be made of the right stuff, an unsinkable commitment, to endure the test of time or the tail of a whale. I’ve been in full-time ministry for over 3 decades and have had my share of disappointment however  I was taught as a young Christian that a commitment to Christ is based on faith. It is wrong to undo in disappointment, doubt or despair what I have committed to Christ in faith. In other words we must obeys the Lord in spite of the consequences. Daniel’s 3 friends refused to bow and worship the golden image though the king threatened to throw them into a fiery furnace (Daniel 3:15-18).