Preparing a Safe and a Clean Place to Worship

On Monday, May 18 the Governor of the state of Massachusetts included "places of worship" during phase one of reopening. We have had in-person services with precautionary measures since May 31. Below is our weekly approach to a safe and clean place to worship on the Lord's Day.
  • Safety Standards

    Safety is based on a cooperative effort to adhere to the MA Safety Standards for places of worship.

  • Simplified Services

    In-person Sunday services will be streamlined from 10:30 to Noon and not to exceed 50% of our maximum capacity.

  • Social Distancing

    Social distancing is a precautionary measure that will be observed before, during, and after every Service.

  • Hands Free

    We will touch as little as possible, for example we will not handle song books, offering plates, or bulletins. We must refrain from shaking hands, hugging, and from touching our own eyes, nose, and mouth. Offering plates will remain on a table in the rear of the auditorium for gifts and offerings. Hand sanitizer will be in 2 locations in the rear of the auditorium, in the main lobby, and in the main floor restrooms.

  • Nursery Facility

    We will not have a Nursery team of volunteer workers to care for children during the service however the Nursery facility including supplies will be available to parents for feeding and/or changing diapers.

  • Clean and Sanitized

    The carpets have been professionally cleaned and the building entirely sanitized on Thursday-Friday, May 21-22. After each service, beginning May 31, restrooms including the building where occupied will be sanitized with an alcohol-base cleaner.

  • Signage As Reminders

    There will be signage in the foyer and in the auditorium to remind everyone to wear a face mask, keep a 6 foot social distance, and to wash and or use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the building. We will occupy the even rows of pews beginning with row 2 from the front to ensure the 6 foot social distance between families. Masks for ages 2-5 is at the discretion of parents. Children under 2 are not required to wear a mask.

  • Compliance is Required

    Compliance to the MA Safety Standards and to any additional health and safety measures established by the administration of FBC Groton, MA is required to attend in-person services at FBC Groton.

  • It's Okay to Stay Home

    If you have a fever, if you have an unexplanable cough or illness, or if you have covid19 symptoms please stay home and seek medical assistance.


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